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Total Media

Total Media es una feria especializada en la industria del Digital Signage, Cartelería digital y las soluciones de marketing dinámico, móvil y de proximidad. Empresas de Hardware y Software, agencias de publicidad y marketing y productoras de contenido son algunos de los participantes de este encuentro.

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GIF Grenoble Innovation Fair

La feria GIF, Grenoble Innovation Fair, es la feria de las innovaciones tecnológicas de los grupos industriales, start-up y laboratorios.

Gracias a la red profesional de GIF, tendrás nuevas oportunidades de colaborar y cooperar tecnológica y comercialmente, y de establecer contactos internacionales facilitados para intercambiar innovación y experiencias de los grupos más importantes.

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2010 Fall IDN Summit & Expo

The 2010 Fall IDN Summit & Expo brings together senior healthcare executives and their GPO and supplier partners to improve healthcare delivery through a more effective supply chain. The Fall IDN Summit will focus on Healthcare at a Crossroads as we confront the challenges of delivering effective healthcare under the new healthcare reform legislation.

Innovative, unique and inspiring, the IDN Summit & Expo's proven format effectively builds strong partnerships between healthcare systems/IDNs and their GPO and supplier partners.

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Data Privacy Protection for Life & Health Sciences

This conference is aimed at in-house counsel and senior executives in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, as well as the attorneys who counsel them, and will focus on how they can comply with privacy regulations in both the United States and abroad. http://www.americanconference.com/lifescienceprivacy

Attendees of the Data Privacy Protection for Life & Health Sciences conference are leaders and senior executives from the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology communities with the following job titles: Chief Privacy Officer, In-House and General Counsel, Chief Information Security Officers, Compliance Officers, Data Privacy. Attorneys specializing in:  privacy, data protection, information security ...

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Industrial Tecnologies 2010

The programme of the Industrial Technologies conference is developed in order to enhance the integration across disciplines, stakeholders and actors.   The plenary sessions will display the visions of experts that emanate the power of bringing disciplines together and bringing them towards industrial application.

Parallel tracks and sessions will cover a wide range of challenges: skills and education, IPR and technology transfer, the human dimension, employment, energy and climate change, European research and innovation networks.
The composition of these sessions is again enhancing the integration and exchange of views across disciplines and actors.

To have a look at the conference agenda ...

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The Second International conference on Networks & Communications (NeCoM-2010)

The second International conference on Networks & Communications will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of Computer Networks & Data Communications. The conference looks for significant contributions to the Computer Networks & Communications for wired and wireless networks in theoretical and practical aspects. Original papers are invited on computer Networks, network protocols and wireless networks, Data communication Technologies, and network security. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform to the researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field.

Authors are ...

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The Third International Conference on Network Security & Applications (CNSA-2010)

The conference focuses on all technical and practical aspects of security and its applications for wired and wireless networks. The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on understanding Modern security threats and countermeasures, and establishing new collaborations in these areas.

Authors are solicited to contribute to the conference by submitting articles that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the areas of Security & its applications.


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4th European Conference on Software Architecture

The role of software architecture in the engineering of software-intensive applications has become more and more important and widespread. Component-based and service-oriented architectures are key to the design, development and evolution of all software systems.The European Conference on Software Architecture is the premier European conference dedicated to the field of software architecture, covering all architectural aspects of software and service engineering. Read more.

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Practical ERP Testing Strategies

Event Description

Topics Covered -

Learn a practical, systematic project plan that delivers measurable results for your next change event.
Create a foundation for all future changes.

Understand the roles, skills, and tools you need to succeed and learn how to persuade management to provide them.
Discover a top-down risk assessment model and bottom-up business process validation process that can be executed manually or automated.

Are you facing an upgrade or rollout of your enterprise applications and wondering how you can possibly test it with the time and team you have? If so, this course is for you. Classic QA approaches ...

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Campus Party

Es el mayor evento de tecnología, creatividad, ocio y cultura digital en red del mundo. Reúne durante siete días a miles de participantes con sus ordenadores procedentes de todo el mundo con el fin de compartir inquietudes, intercambiar experiencias y todo tipo de actividades relacionadas con el ordenador, las comunicaciones y las nuevas tecnologías.

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2 International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies

En esta conferencia entre otros temas se tratarán: Portabilidad, evaluación de métricas de error de registro, clasificación técnica que utiliza las SVM, un sistema de HCI para el compuesto de imágenes en movimiento con el análisis.

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4ª convocatoria – VII PM Transporte Sostenible por Superficie

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Jornada informativa sobre la convocatoria para el año 2011 del VII Programa Marco en la temática de Transporte

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SDForum's Green and Clean Evening Series: "The Water Crisis: An Update on the Challenges in Water Efficiency and Treatment

The global water crisis continues to be a top priority for consumers, corporations, entrepreneurs, investors and the government.  Our panelists will provide an update on what is being done in regards to water efficiency and treatment.

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ASONAM '10: International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining

The study of of social networks originated in social and business communities. In recent years, social network research has advanced significantly; the development of sophisticated techniques for Social Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM) has been highly influenced by the online social Web sites, email logs, phone logs and instant messaging systems, which are widely analyzed using graph theory and machine learning techniques. People perceive the Web increasingly as a social medium that fosters interaction among people, sharing of experiences and knowledge, group activities, community formation and evolution. This has led to a rising prominence of SNAM in academia, politics, homeland ...

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JTRES '10 -Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Java Technologies for Real-time and Embedded Systems

Over 90 percent of all microprocessors are now used for real-timeand embedded applications, and the behavior of many of theseapplicationsis constrained by the physical world. Higher-level programminglanguages and middleware are needed to robustly and productivelydesign, implement, compose, integrate, validate, and enforcereal-time constraints along with conventional functional requirementsand reusable components. It is essential that the production ofreal-time embedded systems can take advantage of languages, tools,and methods that enable higher software productivity. The Javaprogramming language has become an attractive choice because of itssafety, productivity, its relatively low maintenance costs, and theavailability of well trained developers.

Although it features good software engineering ...

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Los puntos más importantes en los que se centran estas jornadas son: La banda ancha, políticas públicas sobre banda ancha y agendas nacionales, modelos institucional para la regulación en convergencia, plan de acción y declaración final de la cumbre.

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Executive Forum: Between Privacy and Personalization

En la era Web 2.0. debemos ser capaces de compartir nuestra información con las personas adecuadas. Herramientas como LinkedIn han demostrado que hay ventajas para las empresas a compartir información de una manera controlada. Facebook y Twitter también demuestran que nuestras vidas personales pueden ser enriquecidas por un mayor contacto social. Es necesaria una gestión responsable de nuestros datos tanto para individuos como para empresas que almacenan estos.

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SECURWARE 2010 - Fourth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies

El SECURWARE 2010 (Conferencia Internacional de Nuevos Sistemas de Seguridad de la Información y Tecnologías) es un evento que abarca temas relacionados con la teoría y la práctica en materia de seguridad, criptografía, protocolos de seguridad, la confianza, la privacidad, confidencialidad, vulnerabilidad, detección de intrusos y otras áreas relacionadas con baja la ejecución, la minería de seguridad de datos, modelos de malware, etc

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Congreso anual sobre avances en el análisis y la minería de datos en redes sociales, en Odense

Los días 9 a 11 de agosto de 2010 tendrá lugar en Odense (Dinamarca) la edición de 2010 del Congreso sobre avances en el análisis y la minería de datos en redes sociales (ASONAM).

En este congreso se darán cita profesionales e investigadores de diversos campos relacionados con el análisis y la extracción de datos de redes sociales. Está previsto el debate en torno a las nuevas tendencias y las necesidades de este sector, y también a los trabajos teóricos y experimentales correspondientes y a su aplicación a situaciones reales.

Cada vez son más los usuarios que ven Internet como ...

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