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Seminario de gestión de proyectos de I+D del VII Programa Marco de la UE

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Desayuno Tecnológico para Empresas “Cloud Computing y SaaS: Nuevo paradigma de Software Empresarial”

El paradigma Cloud Computing ofrece la capacidad de aprovechar las infraestructuras y las plataformas que proporcionan y gestionan terceras partes para prestar servicios a los usuarios a través de Internet. En este sentido se habla de Infraestructura como servicio (IaaS) o de Plataforma como servicio (PaaS) para dar soporte a los Servicios Software (SaaS). 

Este nuevo concepto proporciona a las empresas de servicios un nuevo panorama y modelo de negocio que presenta una menor barrera de entrada y un mayor nivel de servicio. Por ello estamos ante una oportunidad para las empresas a la hora de alcanzar nuevos mercados ...

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Foro Tecnológico @asLAN Valencia

Enmarcado en la VI Edición del Tour Tecnológico @asLAN 2010.  "Es el momento de hacer cambios y  demostrar todo lo que la tecnología puede hacer por su empresa" La  VI edición del Tour Tecnológico, organizada por la Asociación @asLAN con el apoyo de empresas asociadas, ofrece la oportunidad de conocer nuevas tecnologías, nuevas formas de plantear las      infraestructuras, nuevos modelos de negocio y la posibilida de compartir con otros profesionales sus experiencias y opinión sobre las tendencias en el Sector. Esta actividad recorre varias ciudades: la primera de ellas, Valencia.

Organiza: @asLAN ...

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ISPIM 2010 Bilbao: International Society for Professional Innovation Management

El Congreso ISPIM 2010 Bilbao: International Society for Professional Innovation Management, se celebrará en el Palacio de Euskalduna de bilbao, España, los días 6 al 9 de junio de 2010.

Algunos de los contenidos del Programa serán:

Khaleel Malik: Absorbing External Knowledge via Collaborative Research Projects, Mikko Pynnönen: Delphi-based approach for evaluating capabilities in the future supply networks , Viatcheslav Dmitriev: Towards a Dynamic Process Model in combining Innovation and Business Model Development, Josune Saenz: Measuring Innovation: The Missing Link to Value Creation, Josune Saenz: Measuring Innovation: The Missing Link to Value Creation, Sabine Cullmann: Training for ...

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Wireless Network Technology

Wireless Network Technology está dirigida a las industrias interesadas en sistemas de distribución y sistemas FA relacionados con tecnología inalámbrica.

Wireless Network Technology muestra lo último en UWB, IEEE802.11x (wireless LAN, wi-fi,, Wi-max, Bluetooth, ZigBee, IrDA; Radio Software, comunicación móvil, emisión digital, etc.

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mHealth 2010 Conference & Expo


Experience the first ever truly global mHealth conference

We are proud to introduce our inaugural mHealth 2010 conference and exhibition, the world’s leading independent event for mobile health. See key representatives from across the globe, come together for the first time under one roof.

mHealth is going to be a two day global interactive event with opening keynote plenary sessions. It will source key speakers from across the entire mobile health ecosystem and will become a platform for discussion, debate and networking. The conference will focus on launching and monetising mobile healthcare services as well as looking at real-life ...

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Enterprise Search Summit

En el Enterprise Search Summit de este año se examinarán las formas de aprovechar herramientas de búsqueda, arquitectura de información, clasificación y otras estrategias y tecnologías para ofrecer resultados significativos, no sólo en términos de información, sino profundizando en todos sus ámbitos.

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Taller de Oportunidades y ayudas dirigidas a proyectos I+D+i en TIC

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Apoyo a la I+D+I y Oportunidades para las PYMEs de la Comunitat Valenciana

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5th International ICST Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications 2010

Cognitive radio is an emerging technology in wireless access, aimed at vastly improving the way radio spectrum is utilized. The motivation for cognitive radio stems from various measurements of spectrum utilization, which generally show that spectrum is under-utilized. This means that there are many "holes" in the radio spectrum that could be exploited by the secondary users. The secondary user must exploit these spectrum opportunities without causing harmful degradation to the primary system. The research challenges in this area include devising methods for efficient spectrum pooling and sensing, and for interference management and dynamic resource allocation, as well as circuits ...

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SSIRI 2010: 4th IEEE International Conference on Secure Software Integration and Reliability Improvement

SSIRI 2010 is the fourth annual conference technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Reliability Society with a focus on software security and reliability. It brings together a wide range of researchers and practitioners to present their on-going ideas, experiences, and outcomes of most recent research, and to exchange their best-of-breed practices for developing reliable, secure, and trustworthy software systems in a more effective and efficient way. It not only allows the academic community to gain an increased awareness of the areas that are vital to the software industry, but it also grants practitioners an opportunity to express their needs. The conference ...

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SPAA 10: 22nd ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures

SPAA '10 is sponsored by the ACM Special InterestGroups on Algorithms and Computation Theory (SIGACT) and ComputerArchitecture (SIGARCH) andorganized in cooperation with the European Association for TheoreticalComputer Science.SPAA '10 will feature regular papers, each with a 25-minute talk, and briefannouncements, each with a 10-minute talk. The SPAA brief announcements are forbrief communications including work in progress or demos.

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Ada-Europe '10: 15th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2010

The 15th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies – Ada-Europe 2010 will take place in Valencia, Spain. Following its traditional style, the conference will span a full week, including a three-day technical program and vendor exhibition from Tuesday to Thursday, along with parallel tutorials and workshops on Monday and Friday.

The conference has successfully established itself as an international forum for providers, practitioners and researchers into reliable software technologies. The conference presentations will illustrate current work in the theory and practice of the design, development and maintenance of long-lived, high-quality software systems for a variety of application domains. The program will ...

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HotPar '10: 2nd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism

Join us in Berkeley, CA, June 14–15, 2010, for the 2nd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism. HotPar '10 will bring together researchers and practitioners doing innovative work in the area of parallel computing. HotPar recognizes the broad impact of multicore computing and seeks relevant contributions in all fields, including application design, languages and compilers, systems, and architecture.

The full program is now available, as well as the list of additional accepted posters.

To ensure a productive workshop environment, attendance will be limited to 75 participants. Authors and invited participants will be contacted in April 2010 about how ...

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The Conference for Testing & Finance Professionals

The conference for Testing and Finance professionals includes speeches and field reports of professionals for professionals in the areas of Software-Testing, new developments and processes. Futhermore there will be field reports for recent projects in financial institutions and theoretical speeches for regulatory reporting, risk- and profit based reporting.

Speeches include

* TMMi
* Test management / Test execution in financial institutions
* Test Automation
* Functional Testing
* Agile Testing
* Model Based Testing
* Performance Testing
* Security Testing
* Regulatory Reporting / Risk based Controlling / Profit based Controlling
* Field reports on the use of products for financial Institutions

For Contact go thorugh :

For ...

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Visual Studio 2010 - Training for Testers

Delivered by Testhouse on the 18th -20th May 2010

Course Title: Team Foundation Server Testing

Course Overview: 3 Days training course covering Microsoft's full suite of testing tools: £250 (Exc VAT) per attendee, per day (usual price £500 per attendee per day).

Duration: Three Days

Email: Jo Foster or Melanie Ancheta quoting the course title and dates.

For more information: Please visit our website on

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ICDM 2010 : International Conference on Data Mining

The International Conference on Data Mining aims to bring together academic scientists, leading engineers, industry researchers and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Data Mining, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.


All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability. The full paper submissions will be chosen based on technical merit, interest, applicability, and how well they fit a coherent and balanced technical program. The accepted full papers ...

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Día de la Persona Emprendedora de la Comunitat Valenciana

El Día de la Persona Emprendedora tiene como objetivo promover las iniciativas emprendedoras orientadas a la creación de empresas, a través de un amplio programa de actuaciones como paneles de expertos, talleres y ponencias, entre otras.

Durante el Día de la Persona Emprendedora se busca propiciar el contacto entre personas que se proponen crear una empresa y aquellos que ya la crearon y están en fase de consolidación de la actividad, empresarios con éxito en sus actividades, junto a formadores y expertos de organizaciones dedicadas a la información y asesoramiento a los emprendedores ...

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Jornada sobre VII Programa Marco de “SALUD – IMI - KBBE”.

El próximo 11 de mayo tendrá lugar una jornada organizada por REDIT en colaboración con el CDTI, la Conselleria de Industria, Comercio e Innovación y el IMPIVA centrada en la convocatoria del 7º Programa Marco de “SALUD – IMI - KBBE”.

El objetivo de la jornada, eminentemente práctico, es presentar la convocatoria, programa de trabajo y algunas de las herramientas de apoyo y financiación de la I+D+i que las Administraciones nacionales y regionales ponen a disposición de las empresas. Tras las presentaciones, se puede mantener una entrevista personalizada con el representante del CDTI. Para ...

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Augmented reality and virtual interactivity workshop (MOBEA 2010)

Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a real world environment whose elements are supplemented with, or augmented by computer generated imagery. The augmentation is conventionally in real time and in meaningful context with environmental elements. Augmented reality and virtual worlds are long standing topics in their own right. MobEA 2010, now in its eighth year will focus on the topic of the convergence between augmented reality, virtual interactivity, and the Web. How can these new interaction paradigms be integrated into the platform of the Web and more importantly evolve to be as ...

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