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Jornada Informativa sobre el Programa Marco para la Competitividad e Innovación

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Semantic Search 2010 Workshop

In recent years we have witnessed tremendous interest and substantial economic exploitation of search technologies, both at web and enterprise scale. However, the representation of user queries and resource content in existing search appliances is still almost exclusively achieved by simple syntax-based descriptions of the resource content and the information need such as in the predominant keyword-centric paradigm (i.e. keyword queries matched against bag-of-words document representation).

On the other hand, recent advances in the field of semantic technologies have resulted in tools and standards that allow for the articulation of domain knowledge in a formal manner at a high ...

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CFP:Cyber Security Experimentation and Test (CSET '10)

Join us in Washington, DC, on August 9, 2010, for CSET '10. The 3rd Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test will focus on the science, design, architecture, construction, operation, and use of cyber security experiments in network testbeds and infrastructures. While specifically centered on works that relate to emulation testbeds, the workshop's scope includes all work relevant to cyber security experimentation and evaluation (e.g., simulation, deployment, traffic models).

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AVI '10: The International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces


The 9th International Working Conference onAdvanced Visual Interfaces (AVI2010) will be heldin Roma, Italy, May 26-28, 2010. Started in1992 in Roma, and held every two years indifferent Italian towns, the Conferencetraditionally brings together experts indifferent areas of computer science who have acommon interest in the conception, design andimplementation of visual and, more generally,perceptual interfaces. Through the years, theConference has witnessed the growing interestwithin the community for mobile devices such assmartphones, palmtops and PDAs, in the frameworkof both traditional and emerging environments,such as ubiquitous and pervasive computerapplications. Both formal methods and concreteapplications well fit into the framework of ...

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The Third International Joint Conference on Computational Sciences and Optimization

Computational Sciences and Optimization are two important disciplines in modern sciences concerned with many areas ranging from engineering, management, finance, and economics, to arts and humanities. Currently some new challenges arise in the modeling of complex systems, sophisticated algorithms, advanced scientific and engineering computing and associated problem-solving environments. Because the solution of complex problems must cope with tight timing schedules, powerful computational algorithms and complex optimization techniques are inevitable for solving some practical problems.

In order to strengthen academic exchanges and discussions on the fields of computational sciences and optimization, The Third International Joint Conference on Computational Sciences and Optimization ...

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7th International Workshop on Evaluation of Ontology-based Tools

Roughly 10 years after the vision of the Semantic Web was first presented, semantic technologies have become a well-established pillar of computer science research. With the increasing number of technologies being developed, the problem of how to compare and evaluate the various approaches gains more and more importance. Such evaluation is critical not only for future scientific progress, but also for the industrial adoption of the developed technologies.

Scientific progress and industrial adoption of new technologies depend on the ability to objectively evaluate and compare competing approaches. For researchers, evaluations are critical to identify promising approaches and discard poor ones ...

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Communications and Multimedia Security

CMS 2010 is the 11th Conference in the "Communication and Multimedia Security" series. The series is a joint effort of IFIP Technical Committees TC6 (Communication Systems) and TC11 (Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems).

The conference provides a forum for engineers and scientists in information security. Both state-of-the-art issues and practical experiences as well as new trends in these areas will be once more the focus of interest just like at preceding conferences.

This year, the conference will address in particular security and privacy issues in mobile contexts, web services (including social networking) and VoIP.

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IRFC 2010: Information Retrieval Facility Conference 2010

The 1st Information Retrieval Facility Conference provides a multi-disciplinary, scientific forum for researchers and aims at bringing young researchers into contact with industry at an early stage.

The 1st IRF Conference tackles 4 complementary research areas:  

The conference focuses on large scale research projects and relates the research papers to real industry cases.

The 1st IRF Conference addresses young researchers who are interested in: 

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The 2010 International Workshop on HPC and Grid Applications

IWHGA2010 is the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Pervasive Computig, Networking, and Storage.

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Agile Test Automation - Can it Really be Possible?

Agile is a methodology that is seeing increasingly widespread adoption especially amongst users and developers. Yet for the QA professional an Agile approach can cause discomfort. In the ideal world they would have a finished product to verify against a finished specification. To be asked to validate a moving target against a changing backdrop is counter intuitive. It means that the use of technology and automation are much more difficult. It requires a new approach to testing in the same way that it does for the users and the developers. Join our expert speaker as we explore how to define ...

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Keyword-driven Automated Testing with Free Tools

A major reason for functional automated testing failing before the investments pay off is the amount of maintenance to the tests and other testware. This is actually easy to avoid with keyword-driven testing. It ensures that test analysts do not require programming skills to create or maintain automated tests. It also significantly reduces the test maintenance effort for as long as the system is being tested. A key feature of the approach is the use of business oriented 'keywords': easy to use test instructions that are defined by the test analysts themselves, specifically for a System Under Test.

Benefits of ...

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Next Generation Testing Conference - Spring 2010: Meeting New Challenges

This programme is the result of extensive research into what are the testing issues of most concern to organisations right now and in the future "“ the agenda reflects the feedback of those involved in testing in the real world. One of the issues of focus for many organisations is Agile Testing, and this has proved a popular strand at all our conferences. Therefore, as in the two previous (Spring and Autumn 2009) "Next Generation Testing conferences" , the programme reflects the challenges facing testers today. Topics covered include Test Automation, Debugging in Extreme Stress Environments, Exploratory Testing and Agile Testing, as ...

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Test Architecture

The target audience for the program are professionals with minimum of five years of experience with regards to various phases of Software Development Life Cycles, and should be involved with any / all / either of the functions given below:

"¢ Product analysts
"¢ Program Management;
"¢ Project Management;
"¢ Solution architect
"¢ Delivery managers ;
"¢ Pre Sales & Marketing;
"¢ Quality Process Engineering;
"¢ Software Quality Assurance; and
"¢ Requirements Engineering & Management

After the completion of the course, the participants would be able to:

"¢ Understand the necessity of Test architecting
"¢ Understand the Role of Test Architect and steps involved in the management of software life cycle
"¢ Understand the Principles of Test architecting ...

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IETF 2010 Maastricht Paises Bajos: Internet Engineering Task Force

IETF 2010 Maastricht Paises Bajos: el próximo congreso de Internet Engineering Task Force se celebrará en la ciudad de Maastricht, del 25 al 30 de julio de 2010.

IETF -  Internet Engineering Task Force - El Grupo de Tareas de Ingeniería de Internet (IETF) es una gran comunidad internacional abierta de diseñadores de redes, operadores, vendedores, e investigadores interesados en la evolución de la arquitectura de Internet y el buen funcionamiento de Internet. Está abierto a cualquier persona interesada.

El trabajo de técnicas reales de la IETF se haga en su grupos de trabajo, que se organizan por temas en varias áreas ...

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SES San Francisco 2010 USA: Search Engine Strategies San Francisco

SES San Francisco 2010 USA: Search Engine Strategies San Francisco se celebrará del 16 al 20 de agosto de 2010 en el The Moscone Center

SES San Francisco 2010 USA será un año más el evento definitivo para el marketing Online y marketing en buscadores.

Los vendedores, los responsables de decisiones corporativas, los webmasters y comerciantes de motores de búsqueda (SEM), incluidos los de pago por clic (PPC) La publicidad y la optimización del Search Engine (SEO) han estado asistiendo a los profesionales de SES en California por los últimos 12 años!

Ver SES Hong Kong 2010: Search Engine Strategies ...

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HR Software Show

El HR Software Show es el mejor lugar donde facilitar software nuevo y descubrir como los sistemas existentes pueden ser más rentables. La feria muestra como la tecnología puede transformar tu organización, proceso de streamline y mejorar la eficiencia de su empresa.

El evento reúne a un gran número de profesionales para que pueda conocer los proveedores destacados, probar nuevos productos  y obtener consejos, actualizaciones...

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Cloud Computing

El Cloud Computing World Forum, Forum Mundial del Cloud Computing (Computación en Nube) es un evento que reúne a empresarios y profesionales informáticos. Es el evento perfecto para aprender y discutir sobre el desarrollo, integración, adopción y el futuro del cloud computing y SaaS.  El Forum Mundial del Cloud Computing proporciona una plataforma focalizada para la industria global del cloud y SaaS.

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Mobile Network Performance

El evento clave de la industria de la telefonía móvil para la creación de redes, el aprendizaje y el intercambio de información sobre los últimos acontecimientos en la red acerca de la medición del rendimiento y gestión de la calidad del servicio.

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LTE Forum 2010

El LTE Forum 2010 ayudará a los operadores a identificar los pasos de evolución a 4G LTE, para comprender los factores para la migración, y para determinar lo que tienen que hacer ahora para asegurar que su red sigue siendo competitiva.

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ITCN Asia 2010 Karachi: Feria Red Comercial de Tecnología de la Información, Pakistán

ITCN Asia es uno de los salones más importantes de las tecnologías de la información ya que acerca tecnologías y soluciones para Internet, entre las que se incluyen: automatización, redes; hardware de telecomunicaciones. Tendrá lugar del 3 al 5 de agosto de 2010 en el Karachi Expo Centre

ITCN Asia - Feria de la Red Comercial de Tecnología de la Información, Karachi, Pakistán

Desde su creación en 2001, ITCN Asia, Ahora se está organizando para el 10 º año consecutivo, ha crecido como el más grande espectáculo de TI y Telecom de Pakistán. marcas más poderosas del mundo expondrán sus productos ...

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