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Commonsense and Non-Monotonic Reasoning for Ontologies

Classical reasoning over ontologies has reached the point where it can deal with large real-world ontologies. This can largely be attributed to advances in research on description logics (DLs). A good example is the medical ontology SNOMED-CT, containing over 300,000 concepts and millions of binary relationships between them. SNOMED-CT can be represented as a DL ontology, and its subsumption hierarchy can be computed in a matter of minutes.


The obvious next step now is to extend reasoning over ontologies to cover non-classical cases, such as commonsense reasoning, a well established branch of AI. The first steps in that direction ...

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Deep Agile 2010 - Empowering Teams with Agile Games

The Agile Bazaar is the leading community of Agile enthusiasts, practitioners and learners in New England. Based in Boston, we are committed to fostering a greater knowledge of the Agile values and practices. We are a learning community focused on broadening our own understanding as well as the spreading that knowledge to the broader community of professionals in the area.

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CF'10: Computing Frontiers Conference

The increasing complexity and performance needs of current and future applications require novel and innovative approaches for design of various types of computing systems: embedded, mobile, high-performance, and more. Boundaries between state of the art and revolutionary innovation constitute the computing frontiers that must be pushed forward to provide the computational support required for the advancement of science and engineering. This conference focuses on a wide spectrum of advanced technologies and radically new solutions relevant to development of computer systems and aims to foster communication among scientists and engineers to achieve this.

Authors are invited to submit full papers and ...

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First International Workshop on Programming Mobile and Pervasive Systems

Colocated with Pervasive 2010, the 8th International Conference on Pervasive Computing.

The International Workshop on Programming Methods for Mobile and Pervasive Systems (PMMPS) is intended to bring together researchers in programming languages, software architecture and design, and pervasive systems to present and discuss results and approaches to the development of mobile and pervasive systems. The goal is to begin the process of developing the software design and development tools necessary for the next generation of services in dynamic environments, including mobile and pervasive computing, wireless sensor networks, and adaptive devices.

Potential workshop participants should submit a paper on topics relevant ...

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International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications

The purpose of the International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications is to bring together researchers and practitioners on the areas of computer vision, imaging, computer graphics and Information Visualization, interested in both theoretical advances and applications in these fields. Computer Vision, Imaging, Computer Graphics and Information Visualization are well known areas which are becoming more and more interrelated with important interdisciplinary work, often as a result of an iterative combined process of image analysis and synthesis with models created in one of the fields being used to improve models created in another.
The ...

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The International Workshop of Software Architecture Principles for and with Cloud Computing

The International Workshop of Software Architecture Principles for and with Cloud Computing (ArchiteCloud 2010, http://www.nicta.com.au/people/tosicv/architecloud2010)

In conjunction with the 10th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing – CCGrid 2010 (http://www.manjrasoft.com/ccgrid2010/mainpage.html)

May 17-20, 2010; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Workshop Theme:  Empower Cloud Applications with Architectural Principles
   Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm that aims to streamline the on-demand provisioning of software, hardware, and data as services. Deploying applications on a Cloud can help to achieve scalability and maintain a flexible infrastructure at user sites. A ...

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Encuentro Soluciones TICS para PYMES 2010 Valladolid

El II Encuentro Soluciones Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación para Pymes 2010 se celebrará en la Feria de Valladolid, el día 28 de Abril de 2010.

El II Encuentro de Soluciones TIC's para pymes promovido por la Consejería de Economía y Empleo a través de la ADE y con la colaboración de AETICAL, se celebrará el día 28 de abril de 2010, en la Feria de Valladolid. Se trata de un evento en el que las más importantes empresas tecnológicas de la región presentan soluciones a medida de los principales sectores económicos de Castilla y León. Las presentaciones se ...

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The World Congress Leadership Summit on Leveraging the Stimulus Funding to Accelerate EHR Adoption

The World Congress Leadership Summit on Leveraging the Stimulus Funding to Accelerate EHR Adoption will convene representatives from hospital and health systems, medical societies and associations, states and health information exchanges, as well as medical group leadership to discuss strategies for financing an EHR purchase and implementation of technology that will meet criteria for meaningful use. A key focus will be on the stakeholder's role in supporting physician and medical group technology adoption and optimizing the use of these tools post-implementation.

ATTEND this Summit to:

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Open Segovia 2010 Jornadas de Software libre

Bienvenidos al sitio Web de Open Segovia 2010.OpenSegovia se celebrará los días 15, 16 y 17 de Abril en Segovia.

Los asistentes podran asistir a distintas conferencias y talleres relacionadas con:

Para asistir es necesario inscribirse aqui. Si desea contactar con nosotros puede hacerlo aqui

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The European e-Infrastructure User Meeting

As the next phase of the European Grid Initiative (EGI) moves towards its launch on 1st May, the final annual EGEE User Forum is being held in Uppsala next week, 12-15 April. Europe will be showcasing cutting edge research as well as hosting presentations from across the academic world and industry. The EGEE 5th User Forum will help to pave the way to the EGI by expanding its focus to cover a broader scope of European e-infrastructures and distributed computing technologies, providing an opportunity for the first time to all user communities to meet, interact and collaborate.

During the six ...

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1st International Digital Preservation Interoperability Framework Symposium

Digital data and content are vital to all societies. Examples range from cultural heritages via digitization, scientific and experimental data from sensor, national defense satellite images from governments, financial records from corporations, medical and healthcare records from hospitals, personal collection of photos and videos from digital cameras and camcorders, to social networking from blogs and emails. The ability to effectively manage and protect digital content in creation, collection, preservation, and dissemination is increasingly crucial as digital technology continues to produce vast amounts of valuable and irreplaceable knowledge and information. A recent study by the International Data Corporation has shown that ...

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GLSVLSI '10: Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI 2010

The 20th edition of GLSVLSI will be held in Brown University Campus, Providence, Rhode Island, on May 16-18, 2010. Original, unpublished papers, describing research in the general area of VLSI are solicited. Both theoretical and experimental research results are welcome. Proceedings will be published electronically and will be accessed by ACM Digital library.

Program Tracks

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2nd International ICST Conference on Mobile Lightweight Wireless Systems

Dear colleagues,

First of all, welcome to the Second International Conference on Mobile Lightweight Systems!

The decision to organize a scientific event on wireless communications, where competition is really enormous was motivated by discussion with some colleagues about the current unprecedented request for lightweight, wireless communication devices with high usability and performance able to support added-value services in a highly mobile environment. Such devices follow the user everywhere he goes (at work, at home, while travelling, in a classroom, etc.), but also result in exciting research, development and business opportunities.  

This scenario clearly demands significant upgrades to the existing communication ...

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CFP: AAMAS 2010 Workshop on Collaborative Human/AI Control for Interactive Experiences

In the pursuit of creating interactiveexperiences which are both engaging and robust, there is greatpotential for semi-autonomous agents to leverage the intelligence andcreativity of a human operator.  The international workshop on Collaborative Human/AI Control for Interactive Experiences (CHACIE) aimsto foster a dialog among researchers who are exploring the complextradeoffs that must be made in designing collaborative human/AI agentsystems for  interactive experiences. As a half day workshop at AAMAS 2010, CHACIE will explore this task,by identifying and discussing the challenges that may arise during itscompletion, encouraging collaboration across the fields that willinform a solution, and investigating new domains ...

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The 5th International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing

The 5th International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing will take place in Hualien, Taiwan. The conference have one day tutorial and three day technical program of the main conference and workshop.

In the last three years the conference has established itself as an international forum for providers and practitioners of, and researchers into, grid and pervasive computing. The conference presentations will illustrate current work in the theory and practice of the design, development and maintenance of grid and pervasive systems for a variety of application domains. The program will allow ample time for keynotes, Q&A sessions, panel discussions ...

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People Tracking and Location USA

Over 100 key executives will gather for the first ever North American People Tracking conference. Join AT&T, Nokia, Qualcomm, and many more as they debate how to monetise tracking services, find the best solution for indoor location and discuss key strategies for capitalising on data.

What will you learn at People Tracking and Location USA?

Take a look at the Agenda and you will see we have compiled a conference that addresses all of your key challenges and offers you great networking potential with some of the most knowledgable senior executives in the space.

Plus get the opportunity to meet AT&T, Nokia, WaveMarket, Qualcomm, Bosch Sensortec, Verizon Wireless, Alcatel-Lucent and many more. Here where they think money is going to be made and learn how they are tackling some ...

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InfoSecurity Russia 2010

Discover the Russian market of Information Security at VII th International Exhibition and Forum "InfoSecurity Russia. StorageExpo. Documation 2010." Registration available NOW.

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Cisco Networkers 2010 Panamá: Evento clientes de Cisco América

Cisco Networkers 2010 Panamá se celebrará en el Centro de convenciones Atlapa del 4 al 6 de amyo de 2010.

Cisco Networkers Panamá 2010 les dará oportunidad a los profesionales de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (TIC) de mantenerse actualizados y dar así valor a sus organizaciones.

isco Networkers Panamá 2010 tendrá como siempre sus reconocidas instancias de entrenamiento técnico – Breakout Sessions y Techtorials de Comunicaciones Unificadas, Seguridad, Data Center e IP/MPLS- que preparan a los especialistas con las habilidades esenciales para ayudar a las empresas a que transformen las últimas tendencias y tecnologías en soluciones ...

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Internet World

Internet World, es el evento de más trayecto para marketing digital y negocios digitales. Es el mayor evento para formular e implementar su estrategia digital, desde marketing digital a e-comercio, y de gestión de contenidos a hosting.

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Geobrasil Summit

Brasil es sede de GEOBrasil Summit, la feria que sirve como punto de encuentro para debates sobre GIS (Global Imaging Systems - Sistemas Globales de Imágenes), sensores remotos, cartografía y sus aplicaciones.

En la feria se incluyen los siguientes sectores: informes geológicos, urbanización y perspectivas de recursos como gas y petróleo, innovaciones en sistemas de navegación satelital en tierra, aire y agua.

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