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e-CAR – ICT challenges for smarter mobility

This symposium aims to give an answer to the question of how ICT can contribute to smarter mobility. New challenges are imposed by the ever-growing traffic density, as well as the need for more flexible and economic traffic solutions. Intelligent Transport Systems should result into safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly mobility. Telematics offer an opportunity for new promising information services. After introducing the European state of the art, the symposium will present the view of different stakeholders: the car industry, telecom network operators, service providers, the traffic management organizations and the technology enabling industry.

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I-ESA 2010 - International conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications

Enterprise Interoperability (EI) is the ability of an enterprise or more generally an organisation to work with other enterprises or organisations without special effort. Nowadays enterprises’ competitiveness is largely determined by the ability to interoperate seamlessly. Industry’s need for EI has been one of the significant drivers for research into the Future of the Internet. EI research will embrace and extend contributions from the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services, and will go on to drive the future needs for the Internets of People, Processes, and Knowledge. The event aims to bring together the world’s leading ...

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Webinar: Delivering business benefit from the Test Process Improvement (TPI® Next) model

One of the world's most widely used test process improvement models, TPI®, has been recently revised to provide more direct support for critical business and project objectives. This webinar outlines the business benefits of TPI® Next.


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WebCast de IBM InfoSphere Classification Module

El crecimiento exponencial de la información no estructurada que las empresas reciben en forma de documentos, bien sea por correo electrónico, papel digitalizado, fax o cualquier otro formato, se está convirtiendo en uno de los retos más importantes a la hora de implantar un Sistema de Gestión Documental.

Para evitar pérdidas en la productividad de la empresa, es necesario ordenar correctamente toda esta información, lo que a menudo requiere la implantación de tareas manuales complejas y laboriosas que resultan muy costosas.

IBM InfoSphere Classification Module ofrece una respuesta inteligente a esta necesidad. Gracias a su sistema de clasificación automática, analiza ...

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Gartner 2010 EMEA: Identity & Access Management

The Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit will help you to exploit the full potential of new and future IAM investments, to fully realize their risk-management and governance benefits and their direct business value

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Scale for System Variants

From system navigation to automatic window openers, each client has his own idea about the functions that his car needs. The manifold variants can be implemented in different ways. As yet, system developers have to mainly rely on their experience when deciding about the right approach. The software-tool aXBench, developed by the Fraunhofer ISST, solves this problem: It shows prototypically how the various solutions can already be evaluated objectively in the early stages of the development process. Therefore, the aXBench makes it possible to measure decisions like on a scale.

The Fraunhofer ISST researchers will demonstrate the operating mode of ...

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See, touch and learn at major satellite navigation event

Galileo Application Days, 3-5 March, kicks off the competition with a conference and an "˜Application Village', where the demonstrations will occur. The annual ESNC competition, or "˜Galileo Masters' as it is also known, is designed to stimulate commercial applications using Europe's satellite navigation programmes.

The event is being organised by the European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA), and the Application Centre for Satellite Navigation in Oberpfaffenhofen (the "˜Galileo Masters'), and is sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA) Technology Transfer Programme. The aim is to promote the competition in conjunction with other investments the European Union and ESA make in ...

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SICUR - Salón Internacional de la Seguridad

El Salón de la Seguridad supone un punto de encuentro del sector de la seguridad integral. Como novedades de este año se establece un amplio programa de jornadas técnicas, conferencias y debates orientados a ofrecer a los asistentes un completa información sobre los temas más relevantes de la actualidad sectorial.

Además, esta nueva edición contará con la Galería de Innovación. Una zona con nuevos productos que tiene como objetivo impulsar la investigación, el desarrollo y la innovación de productos, sistemas y equipos en el marco de la Seguridad.

Los ...

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Innovation Driven Sustainable Economy: C@R final conference

Europe has rightly identified innovation as a key driver for a competitive future. The re-launched Lisbon agenda has placed innovation and entrepreneurship at the focus by the Community and the Member States in order to put the European industries at the upper end of the global value chain. At the same time, rural areas, regions and cities constitute the geographical environment for innovation ecosystems.

Innovation is a high-cost process and requires longer term collaboration among stakeholders and citizens. Under the present umbrella of a global financial crisis it is critical to develop new approaches and methodologies that foster and speed-up ...

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Gojko Adzic's Test Driven .NET Development Workshop

Experience and learn test driven development by doing it. This workshop immerses you in a realistic TDD project, allowing you to learn the practices and principles of test driven development and try them out in practice. Through facilitated exercises and discussion, you will experience two days of working on an agile test-driven team, very similar to normal TDD development work. You will learn and use basic Test Driven Development practices including unit testing, refactoring and related agile practices such as continuous integration and pair programming. You will understand the reasons behind TDD and experience the benefits first-hand, getting into the ...

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International Biometric Performance Testing Conference

The conference is intended to detail the latest developments in how systems are being tested and certified, rather than on the latest testing results. The conference will also address what performance criteria are being specified in procurement and selection processes. The talks will respect operational needs, and will give emphasis to what operators require from test and evaluation activities. The conference aims to identify how the accumulated experience of the last decade (research, evaluation, deployment, outcomes) can be leveraged to direct future biometrics-based applications. The conference will also address the required properties of core algorithms. The conference aims to identify ...

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III Encuentro Internacional de TIC en la Cooperación para el Desarrollo

Cooperación 2.0 destaca y abre espacios de debate para conocer cómo las empresas pueden actuar como verdaderos actores de la Cooperación para el Desarrollo fomentando la innovación en el uso de las TIC para impulsar el desarrollo social y económico.

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The 5th Annual International Wireless Internet Conference (WICON 2010)

El Wireless sigue emergiendo rápidamente como una realidad, gracias a la rápida evolución de muchas tecnologías de acceso inalámbrico. La convergencia de redes inalámbricas heterogéneas y la próxima generación de Internet trae una variedad de escenarios de aplicación que proporcionan a los usuarios móviles una amplia gama de servicios altamente exigentes. En esta conferencia se abordarán todos.

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Telecoms World Russia & CIS 2010

Telecoms World Russia & CIS 2010 representa una oportunidad única para un número limitado de organizaciones patrocinadores para poner de relieve su experiencia y liderazgo de ideas en este campo e introducir a sus ejecutivos, ofreciendo un público compuesto de potenciales clientes y socios.

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SITI/asLAN: The professional's trade show specialized in networks and convergence Technologies in Spain

From 1993 SITI/asLAN is the suitable environment in Spain to show all exclusive technologic solutions for public sectors, large enterprise, service provider and small&medium business.

Would you like to promote your technologies in the Spanish Market?

Being part of SITI/@asLAN's 17th edition, besides a firm strategic plan with well defined objectives, is an excellent opportunity for your company: you will be able to promote and communicate your products and solutions to more than the 12.000 expected professional visitors.
An excellent opportunity to:

Get to know the Spanish market better.
Detect new opportunities and trends.
Get ...

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Depednable and Adaptive Distributed Systems Track at ACM SAC 2010

Track Overview

Dependability is no longer restricted to critical applications, but rather becomes a cornerstone of the information society. Dependability clearly is a holistic concept: Contributing factors are not only technical, but also social, cultural (i.e. corporate culture), psychological (perceived dependability), managerial (information management and processes), and economical. Fostering learning is a key, and simplicity is generally an enabler for dependability.


Unfortunately, heterogeneous, large-scale, and dynamic software systems that typically run continuously often tend to become inert, brittle, and vulnerable after a while. The key problem is, that the most innovative mobile and pervasive systems and applications are the ...

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EuroSys '10: Fifth EuroSys Conference 2010

EuroSys 2010 is organised by EuroSys, the European Chapter of SIGOPS, sponsored by ACM SIGOPS.

The EuroSys conference series brings together professionals from academia and industry. It has a strong focus on systems research and development: operating systems, data base systems, real-time systems and middleware for networked, distributed, parallel, or embedded computing systems. As a highly recognized conference - rank 11 out of 581 in terms of 2007 CiteSeer impact factor - EuroSys has become a premier forum for discussing various issues of systems software research and development, including implications related to hardware and applications.

EuroSys 2010 will follow the pattern established ...

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ParaPLoP 2010 Workshop on Parallel Programming Patterns

ParaPLoP 2010, a PLoP-style workshop on parallel programming patterns, will be March 30-31 in Carefree, AZ. You are invited to submit a paper. Papers should describe one or more patterns, outline a pattern language, analyze previously published patterns, describe case studies of using patterns to develop parallel software, or present experience mining patterns from significant parallel code implementations.

Similar to PLoP, ParaPLoP will be organized as a set of writer's workshops. ParaPLoP is extremely interactive and begins with the submission process. Submissions are due February 15, but if authors submit earlier, then they will receive feedback and can resubmit ...

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ICCGI 2010

The Fifth International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology

Submission (full paper) April 20, 2010

Notification May 25, 2010

Registration June 17, 2010

Camera ready June 17,2010


All tracks/topics are open to both research and industry contributions.


Industrial systems

Control theory and systems; Fault-tolerance and reliability; Data engineering; Enterprise computing and evaluation; Electrical and electronics engineering; Economic decisions and information systems; Advanced robotics; Virtual reality systems; Industrial systems and applications; Industrial and financial systems; Industrial control electronics; Industrial IT solutions

Evolutionary computation

Algorithms, procedures, mechanisms and applications; Computer architecture and systems; Computational sciences; Computation in ...

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CeBIT 2010

CeBIT es la feria internacional del sector TIC con gran repercusión a nivel mundial. Se celebra con periodicidad anual en Hannover (Alemania) y en su edición 2009 participaron 4.300 compañías expositoras de 69 países y recibió más de 400.000 visitas de 150 países.

En esta nueva edición, España será el país invitado y contará con 2.500m2 distribuidos en cuatro pabellones (Banca y Seguridad, Telecomunicaciones, Software y Salud).

El Instituto Tecnológico de Informática en una apuesta por la internacionalización organiza y coordina la participación de ...

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