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Noticias y opinión en Sistemas distribuidos

Livermore Lab pioneers debugging tool

New tool enables researchers to pinpoint a needling problem in a haystack of processors

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Cloud Computing Looms Larger on Corporate Horizon

For all the potential and hype surrounding cloud computing, breaking old habits won't be easy -- particularly with business-software powerhouses Microsoft, IBM Corp., Oracle Corp. and SAP AG all maneuvering to protect their existing, lucrative software franchises while also setting up their own online services to compete with the industry upstarts.

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El Futuro de Microsoft (y II)

(Esta es la continuación del artículo anterior en el que se repasa la evolución futura de Microsoft)

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El Futuro de Microsoft (I)

Tan respetada como a veces odiada, pocas compañías encarnan mejor el ascenso empresarial de la mano de la tecnología como Microsoft.

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Enterprise Opportunities & Challenges in 2009

Money-saving technologies will be strong, cybercriminals will rev up and business intelligence solutions will spread.

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Special feature: Unlocking the dynamic web

Most of the knowledge and services potentially available on the worldwide web can’t be accessed through browsers and websites. A new European research project has devised a smart toolkit that unlocks and links the web’s hidden resources.

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Lo que viene en 2009: Tecnología 'anticrisis'

Será sin duda, para muchos, el año de evitar gastos inútiles. Los productos nos ayudarán a ahorrar tiempo y dinero, y a hacer más con menos

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IT in Transition: Virtualization, SaaS Soared in '08

This year, enterprises coped with growing needs and dwindling budgets by turning to some recent arrivals on the software landscape: virtualization, SaaS and the cloud.

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The Big Promise of Cloud Computing

Decho will face competition as the market for this kind of service emerges. Microsoft and Google will probably be two major players, since they have staked out positions in portable and cloud computing. Microsoft already has a handful of info-management services in its Windows Live portfolio, including a free service for storing files.

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Cloud computing looms larger on corporate horizon

Todd Pierce recently put his job on the line.

To meet the computing needs of 16,300 employees and contractors at Genentech Inc., Pierce took a chance and decided not to rely entirely on business software from Microsoft, IBM or another long-established supplier that would have let Genentech own the technology. Instead, Pierce decided to rent these indispensable products from Google Inc.

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La informática piensa en verde

Cientos de miles de centros de datos en todo el mundo albergan los millones de servidores y sistemas de almacenamiento necesarios para mantener la actividad en la era de Internet. Millones de personas con sus ordenadores encendidos permanentemente. Máquinas trabajando 24 horas al día que consumen una enorme cantidad de energía tanto para su funcionamiento, como para su refrigeración.

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Supercharged File Sharing

Cooperating with file-sharing networks could avert congestion.

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Handicapping cloud computing: The big picture

Cloud computing isn't going to dominate the tech landscape but will raise a ruckus for software vendors. Google and Amazon will be cloud-computing winners, but the spoils will be relatively small. And there's a race to deliver a cloud developer stack for both consumers and enterprise customers.

Those are some of the key takeaways from a Bernstein Report dubbed The Long View: Netbooks, Wireless and Cloud Computing--Client Software's Imperfect Storm.

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Poor-man’s supercomputing goes commercial

Grid computing technology has long been the darling of cash-strapped academics in desperate need of raw processing power. Now a groundbreaking European research effort has created an industrial-strength platform already appearing in commercial applications.

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FFII TIO Workgroup Releases Guidelines to Protect Freedom and Competition in the Cloud

Paris, Munich, Campos, December 1st 2008 - the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) released during the Open World Forum the first conclusions of its workgroup on Total Information Outsourcing (TIO). TIO is a recent trend in the management of corporate information systems which consists of outsourcing critical information infrastructure to Web based services. This creates new risks for Freedom and Competition. The FFII TIO workgroup has identified 7 rights that address these risks. If they are satisfied, outsourced software and data enjoys the same freedom and security that is available with in-house Open Source / Free Software solutions.

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Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing

A couple of months ago, Hugh Macleod created a bit of buzz with his blog post The Cloud's Best Kept Secret. Hugh's argument: that cloud computing will lead to a huge monopoly. Of course, a couple of weeks ago, Larry Ellison made the opposite point, arguing that is "barely profitable", and that no one will make much money in cloud computing.

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Intel promueve el ‘parallel computing’

Intel está creando una familia de herramientas para ayudar a los desarrolladores a aprovecharse de las ventajas de su próximo procesador Larrabee.

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Grid applications: a new way to do business

Grid technology developed by European researchers offers a new way to do business, with partners working simply, seamlessly and ‘virtually’ around a common goal. It is already having a big impact, in a variety of applications.

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Virtual organisations become a reality

European researchers have developed a suite of tools that make it simple, safe and secure to deploy grid computer systems across corporations and throughout the supply chain. The work means that virtual organisations can become a reality.

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Distributed computing with Linux and Hadoop

Every day people rely on search engines to find specific content in the many terabytes of data that exist on the Internet, but have you ever wondered how this search is actually performed? One approach is Apache's Hadoop, which is a software framework that enables distributed manipulation of vast amounts of data. One application of Hadoop is parallel indexing of Internet Web pages. Hadoop is an Apache project with support from Yahoo!, Google, IBM, and others. This article introduces the Hadoop framework and shows you why it's one of the most important Linux®-based distributed computing frameworks.

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