Friday, 27 de November de 2015

Noticias y opinión en Sistemas distribuidos

Citrix extiende la virtualización del escritorio al iPhone

Citrix planea llevar la virtualización del escritorio al iPhone y otros dispositivos móviles el próximo año, tal y como han declarado fuentes de la propia compañía.

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SmoothIT – Incentive-based Models for Peer-to-peer Networks

The largest share of data traffic on the Internet is attributable to peer-to-peer networks which are independent of defined Internet Service Providers. The EU project SmoothIT under the leadership of Burkhard Stiller from the University of Zurich now aims to develop economic incentive schemes with which providers should more efficiently adapt their networks to peer-to-peer use and therefore be able to offer cheaper and simultaneously better services.

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We Can Compete In HPC, Say Chip Vendors

Despite complaints that x86 chips can't scale properly for high performance computing, Intel and AMD say they have solutions in the works.

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IT trends: The top five developments of 2008

While 2008 has been a tumultuous year in business, there have also been a series of developing trends that are quietly transforming the traditional strategies and the standard operating procedures of IT. Here are the five trends that having the biggest impact.

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Sun Takes Another Swing at Cloud Computing

Having coined the phrase "the network is the computer" more than a decade ago Sun Microsystems could expect to be leading the march towards cloud computing, but in some ways it is still at the start line.

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Developers Moving Faster Towards Virtualization

A new survey finds the economic downturn could make virtualization even hotter. But SOA might suffer for the same reason.

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Lawrence Livermore erects HPC test bed

One of the biggest challenges for managers of high-production computer systems is testing new code or hardware before it is rolled out across thousands of nodes. Something may work fine on a single server, but it could collapse as it is extended across many more nodes. Compounding the problem is that supercomputer cycles are so in demand these days that getting time on the big iron for testing purposes isn't very likely.

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Reconfigurable Computing Prospects on the Rise

With all the recent hoopla about GPU-accelerated HPC, reconfigurable computing with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) has been getting proportionally less attention. While NVIDIA has led the GPU push in HPC, there is no single vendor in the reconfigurable computing space that has jumped into the driver's seat. That hasn't kept a variety of smaller players from trying.

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Economic rescue: Can supercomputers help save the day?

A push to broaden access to high-performance systems could help U.S. companies become more competitive.

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Salesforce and Google have extended their strategic partnership with for Google App Engine, essentially bridging the two cloud-based application development environments.  App Engine applications, which are typically consumer apps, will be able to access enterprise data and services via the API.

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Revolutionary high speed ‘Cloud’ computing software announced by new University of Melbourne start-up

Revolutionary new software which harnesses the power of networked computers to analyse data at high speeds is being developed by new start-up company Manjrasoft Pty Ltd and researchers within the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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IBM y Harvard aplican la 'Cloud Computing' a la energía solar

El objetivo del proyecto World Community Grid es buscar materiales orgánicos con los que se puedan producir fácilmente celdas solares de bajo coste.

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SugarCRM Adds Hooks to Cloud Data Services

Commercial open-source CRM (customer relationship management) vendor SugarCRM said Monday it will give customers the ability to plug in feeds from third-party data sources like the business social-networking site LinkedIn.

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Internet2: Full Speed Ahead

The Internet is plagued by spam, viruses, denial-of-service attacks, and other problems that can cripple vital Web servers worldwide. It also has to cope with the growing demand for URLs to accommodate all kinds of new devices. All of this has many people saying today’s all-purpose Internet is about to run out of gas.

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Virtualizar, ¿o no?

El número de empresas que deciden utilizar la tecnología en servidores y aplicaciones está en alza. La razón: la promesa de una mayor eficiencia y un ahorro de costos. El panorama local y las oportunidades que genera la crisis.

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New OS Reaches for the Clouds

Good OS has introduced a new operating system for the Internet era called "Cloud," which is the successor to company's Linux-based gOS that Wal-Mart introduced in a line of Everex desktops last fall. The Everex computers were pulled from the shelves only months later after Wal-Mart cited a "tepid customer response."

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CMU does research on cloud computing

The era of sifting through encyclopedia-sized books for pieces of information is long gone. Since search engines like Google and Yahoo! have become highly popular, vast stores of information are now at everyone’s fingertips. This concept of accessing data stored in different locations from the comfort of one’s home makes up the basis of a field of research known as “cloud computing.” The concept, as simple as it seems, has a plethora of uses, some of which are being explored here at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Hybrid architectures dominate Green500

The top end of the fourth Green500 list of the world's most energy-efficient supercomputers is rife with hybrid systems, a radical divergence from the Top500 list of supercomputers, which suggests that specialized processors could lead to big power savings in supercomputing.

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En el marco de la cumbre Web 2.0 Summit, celebrada el mes pasado en San Francisco (Estados Unidos) ejecutivos de Salesforce y Google aseguraron que competidores como Oracle, SAP y Microsoft llegan tarde al mercado del software hospedado basado en Web, pese a los esfuerzos que actualmente están dedicando al nuevo modelo.

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Do you trust the cloud with your data?

Why putting all your data online might not be a good idea.

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