sábado, 23 de junio de 2018


Distributed, Fault-Tolerant and highly avalaible computing system

A method and system for achieving highly available, fault-tolerant execution of components in a distributed computing system, without requiring the writer of these components to explicitly write code (such as entity beans or database transactions) to make component state persistent. It is achieved by converting the intrinsically non-deterministic behavior of the distributed system to a deterministic behavior, thus enabling state recovery to be achieved by advantageously efficient checkpoint-replay techniques. The method comprises: adapting the execution environment for enabling message communication amongst and between the components; automatically associating a deterministic timestamp in conjunction with a message to be communicated from a ...

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Biometric identification network security

Systems and methods for regulating user access in the context of a biometric security system are disclosed. One method disclosed includes receiving a remotely transmitted data packet containing an encryption key, utilizing a decryption component to decrypt the data packet, and utilizing the encryption component to encrypt biometric data. Another method disclosed includes utilizing a processor, within a client computing device, to perform an encryption function within a biometric security system, wherein the encryption function is incorporated into an authentication process that involves a transfer of biometric information between the client computing device and a remotely implemented server.

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Flexible Communication Systems and Methods

A method of initiating a telecommunication session for a communication device include submitting to one or more telecommunication carriers a proposal for a telecommunication session, receiving from at least one of the one or more of telecommunication carriers a bid to carry the telecommunications session, and automatically selecting one of the telecommunications carriers from the carriers submitting a bid, and initiating the telecommunication session through the selected telecommunication carrier.

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Test execution framework for automated software testing

Methods, systems, and computer program products for testing software components without explicitly having to specify each test or test environment. A computer system for automated testing loads and parses and test file. The test file contains code sections that identify software components to test, locations sections that identify locations to run the software components, an expandable variation section that associates the software components with locations, and an expansion section that defines rules for expanding the expandable variation section. From the expandable variation section, the computer system creates expanded variation sections that associate particular software components with particular locations. Then, for ...

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Open source printer driver

An open source printer driver and corresponding method are provided. The method comprises: accepting a printer driver customization command; modifying a default printer driver algorithm in response to the customization command; building a print job in a printer-ready format using the modified printer driver algorithm. In one aspect, an addendum file is attached to an electronically formatted document. Then, a user interface (UI) is created for the selection of print options, and auxiliary print options are supplied from the addendum file. The print job is built using the auxiliary print options. Alternately, the auxiliary print options can be used to ...

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System and Methods for Using Online Community Identities of users to establish mobile communications sessions

A system is disclosed that provides functionality for two users to establish multi-modal communication services including voice, messaging, and instance messaging on mobile devices using one or more online community identities. Based on the online identity and profile of a first user of on an online community, a second user may initiate a communications session request to the first user. A service bridging server may incorporate the profile and other information such as presence status of the second user into the session request message and then send the session request to the mobile client of the first user. The first ...

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Edge Smoothing Filter For Character Recognition

A system and method for correcting defects in a black white image. A character recognition system is disclosed that processes character data from a black white image, including: an edge smoothing filter that examines blocks of pixels in the black white image to determine if an indent or protrusion defect exists, and if so corrects the defect in a filtered image; and a recognition engine examines the filtered image and extracts character information.

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Artificial system for vision and the like

An artificial system for vision and the like in which a camera views an object and creates signals corresponding thereto which are conveyed to the nervous system of the subject and produce corresponding sensations such as phosphenes in the subject's nervous system, in which the effectiveness of the system in conveying intelligence to the subject is enhanced by converting light-corresponding and dark-corresponding portions of the camera-produced signals into dark-corresponding and light-corresponding portions of the actual sensation-producing signals. Other enhancements include producing a comparatively bright signal of the edge of the object being viewed, the signals applied by a multiplexer ...

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