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Vínculo original en 2011 IEEE REGION 10 CONFERENCE TENCON 2011, 216-220; 2011
Chattopadhyay, T; Sinha, A; Pal, A

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TV Video Context Extraction

In this paper authors have presented a web application for the developing countries like India. Here we have proposed a method that can extract the contextual information from any TV video and then fetch related information from the web to provide a true connected TV experience to the viewers. Number of applications can be developed using those information to improve the user experience. Though Digital TV is being popular all over the developed countries, even today in India more than 90% of TV households have analog broadcast cable TV. Thus unlike digital TV transmission it is not possible to automatically get contextual information from any metadata. In the proposed method we have used two context information from the TV video namely (i) the channel an user is viewing and (ii) the synthetic text in the video like subtitle of a movie, or score card of a sports show or news ticker of a breaking news in a news channel. The current viewing channel is recognized by matching the! channel logo against the set of pre existing channel logo templates. The text in a TV channel is extracted by text region identification followed by pre-processing of the text regions and performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the text regions. The method of testing, test environments and the evaluation of the applications are presented for x86 based PC platform. Some modules are also ported on ARM based dual-core platform.