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Vínculo original en EURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING, 10.1186/1687-1499-2011-64 2011
Park, HA; Park, JH; Lee, DH

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PKIS: practical keyword index search on cloud datacenter

This paper highlights the importance of the interoperability of the encrypted DB in terms of the characteristics of DB and efficient schemes. Although most prior researches have developed efficient algorithms under the provable security, they do not focus on the interoperability of the encrypted DB. In order to address this lack of practical aspects, we conduct two practical approaches-efficiency and group search in cloud datacenter. The process of this paper is as follows: first, we create two schemes of efficiency and group search-practical keyword index search-I and II; second, we define and analyze group search secrecy and keyword index search privacy in our schemes; third, we experiment on efficient performances over our proposed encrypted DB. As the result, we summarize two major results: (1) our proposed schemes can support a secure group search without re-encrypting all documents under the group-key update and (2) our experiments represent that our scheme is approxim! ately 935 times faster than Golle's scheme and about 16 times faster than Song's scheme for 10,000 documents. Based on our experiments and results, this paper has the following contributions: (1) in the current cloud computing environments, our schemes provide practical, realistic, and secure solutions over the encrypted DB and (2) this paper identifies the importance of interoperability with database management system for designing efficient schemes.