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Vínculo original en INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, 60 (9-12):1099-1110; 10.1007/s00170-011-3653-3 JUN 2012
Gokhale, R; Mathirajan, M

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Scheduling identical parallel machines with machine eligibility restrictions to minimize total weighted flowtime in automobile gear manufacturing

In this paper, we address a scheduling problem for minimizing total weighted flowtime, observed in automobile gear manufacturing. Specifically, the bottleneck operation of the pre-heat treatment stage of gear manufacturing process has been dealt with in scheduling. Many real-life scenarios like unequal release times, sequence dependent setup times, and machine eligibility restrictions have been considered. A mathematical model taking into account dynamic starting conditions has been proposed. The problem is derived to be NP-hard. To approach the problem, a few heuristic algorithms have been proposed. Based on planned computational experiments, the performance of the proposed heuristic algorithms is evaluated: (a) in comparison with optimal solution for small-size problem instances and (b) in comparison with the estimated optimal solution for large-size problem instances. Extensive computational analyses reveal that the proposed heuristic algorithms are capable of consistentl! y yielding near-statistically estimated optimal solutions in a reasonable computational time.