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Vínculo original en STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING AND MECHANICS, 42 (5):747-760; JUN 10 2012
Shih, BY; Chen, CY; Su, WL

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jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

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Construct OCR on mobile mechanic system for android wireless dynamics and structure stabilization

In today's online social structure, people with electronic devices or network have been closely related to whether any of the activities, work, school, etc., is related to electronic devices, intelligent robot, and network control. The best mobility and the first rich media of these products as smart phones, smart phones rise rapidly in recent years, high speed processing performance and high free way to install software, deeply loved by many business people. However, not only for smart phone business aspects of the use, but also can engage in education of the teachers or the students are learning a great help. This study construct OCR-assisted learning software written by the JAVA made, and the installation is provided by the Android mobile phone users.