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Networked and Electronic Media

Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) is one of the European Industrial Initiatives, also known as Technology Platforms, established by relevant key European stakeholders, which address the convergence of media, communications, consumer electronics, and IT as a wide opportunity for future growth, by taking advantage of generalized broadband access, increased mobility, availability of richer media formats and contents, as well as new home networks and communications platforms.

The Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) Initiative is focused on an innovative mix of various media forms, delivered seamlessly over technologically transparent networks, to improve the quality, enjoyment and value of life. NEM represents the convergence of existing and new technologies, including broadband, mobile and new media across all ICT sectors, to create a new and exciting era of advanced personalised services. The NEM is an industry-led Initiative to promote and direct the large-scale initiative needed to accelerate the pace of innovation and rate of technology evolution to the level that will place European Industry at the forefront of the technology and give users an incredible choice of services. All these efforts will bear in mind the evolutionary framework from home and office environments towards broadband extended home and office environments.