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Webinar: Mobile Testing - How is it different from traditional software testing?

Event Description

The foundation for success in the mobile channel for Enterprise IT, websites, applications and game developers can be achieved by having a solid mobile testing program that supports flawless functionality and usability. A small group of early adopters who are happy with your app will create stellar reviews and buzz, and help you to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of thousands of other apps on the market.

In this live Webinar, InfoStretch CEO Rutesh Shah will present the landscape, challenges and approach for developing a strong mobile testing program that includes:

- Review of the global mobile landscape and testing ecosystem.             - Pros and cons of testing on simulators and real handsets.                    - How to manage certification requirements for different app stores.
- Comparison of mobile testing models and an overview of test tools.
- Analysis of future trends in mobile testing.
- Next steps for automated regression capabilities
- Machine-to-machine testing that entails no human interaction/intervention.

In addition, Rutesh Shah will talk about:

o In-house, remote testing on real handsets
o Certification testing, crowd-sourced testing
o Managed testing services
o Testing solutions from various vendors.

This webinar will help you to quickly learn about the best tools and practices for managing an effective mobile testing program.