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Test Management Solutions from IBM

Event Description

Requirements Quality and Test Management Solutions from IBM - What's In It For Me?
Watch this event, now available on demand!

Software has become the invisible thread which drives an increasingly large percentage of innovation in manufactured products and business systems. This means both product manufacturers and companies whose business relies on IT are becoming more dependent on software to help achieve business objectives. These objectives could be externally focused toward getting to market first with innovative offerings, internally focused on process improvement and/or increased return on investment, or both!

However, the reality of our world today is that an increasing amount of systems and software development teams are geographically distributed, working in silos using a variety of systems and software development products and disparate processes. When you consider that 44 percent of projects still do not deliver the required functionality, 26 percent are cancelled or never used, and 60 to 80 percent of development cost is associated to development rework, there seems to be substantial opportunity for improvement.

IBM can help. During this webcast, we'll share how IBM Software's Requirements, Quality and Test Management solutions from Rational can assist your business in successfully addressing the needs of the market while confidently delivering quality systems and software with an increased level of control, improved visibility, and at a reduced cost.

You will learn how to:

  • Steer projects toward desired business outcomes with clear visibility into project status
  • Reduce cost and risk by maintaining control of project scope and reducing re-work through improved change management and governance capabilities

  • Enable individual and team collaboration across geographies, functions and organizations improving project information sharing and alignment
  • Do more with less through automation of best practice design and development processes and reuse of assets where it makes sense