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Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center City/Town: Dallas, USA Website or Map: http://www.qaiquest.org/dalla"¦ Phone: 001-866-724-6013 ex


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Quality Engineered Software & Testing (QUEST) Conference

Event Description

The QAI Global Institute's Quality Engineered Software and Testing Conference (QUEST) is a week of classes, tutorials, educational sessions, hands-on workshops, discussion groups, and networking events for quality and testing professionals around the world. QUEST's 68 unique learning opportunities address topics of highest interest to practitioners in their quest to build today's skills and prepare for the quality and testing profession of the future.

Why attend QUEST?

* LEARN from industry thought leaders through attending sessions, participating in workshops and discussion group, and coaching sessions.

* ASSESS your skill sets against QAI's Common Body of Knowledge by taking certification prep courses and practice examinations.

* APPLY your experience and knowledge to produce solutions during classes, tutorials, and interactive work groups.

* CONNECT with fellow practitioners, contribute to the industry, and explore the career possibilities. Enjoy four outstanding networking events.

QUEST features the two-day exclusive Manager's Solutions Workshop focused on the top priority challenges faced by quality and testing managers.