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Laval ,   France


miércoles 7 de abril de 2010


domingo 11 de abril de 2010



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lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

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lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010



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Laval Virtual '10: International Conference on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, everybody’s talking ’bout it!

Laval Virtual is THE number one show in Europe dedicated to virtual technology.

Being part of it means being seen in a hundred different media and carrying more than 150 press articles (Le Monde, l’Usine Nouvelle, le Parisien…), a hundred articles on the web, and thirty audiovisual features ( TF1, France 2 et 3, Europe 1, …).


Business opportunities worldwide

Internationally recognised as one of the three main events in the field, the LAVAL VIRTUAL show brings together contributors from more than 40 countries round the globe.


The right place, at the right time, with the right people

Getting first-rate publicity is one major consequence of your presence at the LAVAL VIRTUAL show. Because being seen and recognised also demonstrates that you’re au fait with the latest new developments and that you’re working to expand the future of your company with the latest cutting-edge technologies...