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jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010



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Information and Communication Technologies Exhibition in Brussels

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are everywhere in our daily life: in the fridge, in the car, at a cash point, on the gym treadmill and in many other gadgets that we use every day. An exhibition in Brussels showcased more than 200 projects – financed by the EU – from all over Europe.

The BeAware project – from Finland – helps European citizens understand their energy consumption patterns at home so they can save energy. Sensors measure and regulate the consumption of the oven, the washing machine, the TV, the fridge, the pc and the electric lights.

The Presenccia project from Spain, allows people to control items in the virtual world by thought alone.
The technology works by measuring the electricity produced in your brain – and the developers say that in the future, it could become possible to turn the lights on or change the radio station – even in the real world – just by thinking about it.