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Daon Releases Updated Provisioning Software

Reston, Virginia; - Daon, the award-winning global provider of identity assurance software and services, announced today the release of Credential Connect 3.1.

As the part of Daon’s product portfolio focused on physical access provisioning, Credential Connect takes data stored in an existing identity management repository and automatically distributes and synchronizes new, modified, or revoked identity information across all Physical Access Systems (PACS), regardless of vendor.

By automating and streamlining a previously manual process, ongoing access provisioning costs are greatly reduced, providing a measurable ROI within the first 12 months. By enabling a single credential for all logical and physical access to corporate resources, productivity is increased. Automated and rule based provisioning and de-provisioning provide a definitive audit trail and enable immediate action system-wide, ensuring a far greater level of security. Credential Connect provides support for the majority of top tier PACS vendors and is constantly being updated to support additional vendors, thereby enabling a true enterprise wide access solution without a costly “rip and replace” of PACS hardware.

Credential Connect was chosen by and is now in production at one of the world’s largest aerospace and defense contractors to define and implement a large-scale employee credentialing and provisioning system. In this system, Credential Connect is used to provision the identity credential across all physical access control systems regardless of geographic location, vendor, or PACS hardware and software. When employees are separated from the company, they are automatically and immediately de-provisioned from all physical access locations. When rollout is complete, this system is anticipated to serve more than 100,000 employees and over 100 locations.

With Credential Connect 3.1, several new features have been added which dramatically improve product usability and value to the enterprise. The Distribution Management Console simplifies and speeds deployment and ongoing configuration reducing time and expense. The redesigned Transaction Repository now maintains both provisioning history and Identity data, providing a system-wide full lifecycle view of an Identity. Full Search helps manages identity lifecycle events while supporting audit and compliance functions. Global Revocation enables Physical Access privileges to be immediately and automatically revoked at all locations in the organization, saving time, money, and dramatically reducing risk.

According to Daon’s CEO, Tom Grissen, “Credential Connect 3.1 provides our current and future customers with physical access provisioning capabilities while greatly enhancing ease of use and reducing ongoing costs in deployments. As our customers continue to deploy Credential Connect for heterogeneous access control environments, they benefit from the added functionality including enhanced capabilities in governance, compliance, and risk.”

About Daon
Daon is a leading provider of identity assurance software products focused on meeting the needs of governments and commercial organizations worldwide. Daon supports customers and system integrators in building enterprise solutions requiring the highest level of security, performance, scalability, reliability and privacy. Daon’s COTS products are scalable, flexible and proven in the most challenging real-world environments and have been selected to secure more than 700 million identities around the globe. The Daon product suite covers every aspect of identity management from pre-enrollment and identity proofing to enrollment, multimodal capture, adjudication, credentialing and provisioning; and provides a technology agnostic approach which gives leverage to the customer. Daon’s offices are located in Washington DC, New York, Canberra, Singapore, London and Dublin.

For further information, please visit: http://www.daon.com  

Cheryl W. Waldrup, 703-984-4040  cheryl.waldrup@daon.com