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Liang-Jie Zhang, Zhixiong Chen, Min Luo, Jia Zhang, and Patrick C.K. Hung

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viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

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viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

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viernes, 21 de enero de 2011



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A Reference Model for Master of Science Program in Services Computing

In response to the overwhelming and ever-increasing demands placed by the industry on trained specialists in modern service technologies, this paper aims to develop a reference model for the Master of Science (MS) program in Services Computing with the following three objectives: (1) to enhance the educational experiences and skills related to Services technologies, (2) to support the modernization and development of new curricula to teach Services Computing in a range of business and industry sectors, and (3) to facilitate collaboration between academia and industry to expand their training programs in Services Computing. Read More (pdf) »