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National Taiwan University invents world’s fastest System on a Chip

The chip is the smallest in size with the lowest cost so far

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – National Taiwan University announced their latest invention System on a Chip (SOC) yesterday, the smallest such product at the lowest cost and consuming the least electricity. The NTU research team claims that the transmission speed of the chip is 100 times as fast as WiFi and 350 times as fast as a 3.5G cell phone.

Jri Lee (李致毅), professor of the NTU Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering, demonstrated their latest invention in the presentation held by the prestigious university yesterday. The SOC successfully combines RF Front-End Circuits and an antenna array to reach the highest transmission speed. A patent application is under way.

Lee indicated that the chip size has been reduced to 0.5 millimeter, one-tenth of that of existing chips, and the cost is less than one-tenth of the traditional communication module and could be further lowered to only US$1. When used in portable communications products the chip should have a huge market.

Lee said that the SOC can be used to connect all domestic audio-visual facilities such as television, stereo, video recorder and transmit to TV screens anywhere at home in an instant. In an airport or a train station, the SOC could download a high-quality movie to a cell phone in a couple of seconds and upload thousands of pictures from a digital camera to a computer in a blink.

According to Lee, the new chip can download a 4G DVD film to a computer in ten seconds, whereas it took ADSL 1.5 hours, WiFi 2 hours and Bluetooth 4.5 hours to complete the task.

IBM Corporation and U.C. Berkeley have been conducting similar research, but the SOC the NTU research team invented has the highest speed to date. Lee said the chip can be utilized in cell phones and digital cameras as long as the corresponding hardware is developed.

by Taiwan News, Website Editorial Staff