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Biometrics Alliance Initiative launched

An under-the-radar initiative has been launched in the last week – the Biometrics Alliance Initiative – which is designed to help end users benefit from biometric technology through a systematic approach to biometric technology certification.

The Alliance - which was launched during Cartes in Paris – says that user confidence and access to biometric technology is severely limited by the lack of a recognised certification process for biometric solutions and by non-existent harmonization on the European level.

The Alliance told Planet Biometrics that whilst biometric standards already exist, ensuring interoperability of biometric systems (mainly in government applications), a set of references and baselines of performance and operation, adopted for the private sector, must be established.

The Biometrics Alliance aims to define a process for test, certification and approval. It will guarantee levels of security and usability – particularly in the banking and payment processing industry. It will also provide the necessary test procedures to enable this infrastructure.

The Alliance is intended to be run as a working group, providing a forum for users to express their requirements and establish concrete operational recommendations for the use and development of biometrics with the support of specialist suppliers.

For biometrics industry technology suppliers, the initiative will offer documentation of user requirements and constraints, based on the direct input and work of different users. It will also develop a methodology for evaluation of biometric solutions based on objective criteria developed in cooperation between users and suppliers.

The Alliance wants to be open to all different parties in the industry, including suppliers, integrators, governance bodies and users.

Already a number of groups have expressed their interest including: Armoney, Innovation Center for Contactless Technologies - EuraRFID, Banque Accord, Ensicaen, Fujitsu, Leroy Merlin, Monext, Natural Security, Paycert, Picom, TazTag, Telecom Lille 1, Underwriters Laboratories, Vauban Systems, Wincor-Nixdorf, and so on.

To be kept informed send an email to contact@biometrics-alliance-initiative.org