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Ala. jail deploys 3D face recognition

Madison County Jail in Alabama implemented a 3D face recognition system to prevent the accidental release of the wrong inmate, according to Homeland Security News Wire.

Releasing the wrong inmate may seem unlikely but it has happened, states Steve Morrison, the chief deputy of Madison County Jail. "We've actually had a couple of guys with the same name that were assigned to the same pod, and one was asleep and they called for this guy and [the other one] said, "˜yeah, that's me.' And they took him downstairs and let him out"”he was sentenced to ten years in prison," Morrison said. "That's what helps you get the approval and the funding to be able to buy equipment like this. Things like that happen. "¦ Humans make mistakes."

With the help of National Security Resources and their biometric cameras, Morrison hopes that accidental releases can become a problem of the past.