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miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

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Albis Technologies tracks an organizations most valuable assets, the people

Falck, a Netherlands-based institute offering rescue and safety courses designed for staff in the off-shore and maritime sector, has selected Albis Technologies to deploy its zone monitoring & find (ZOMOFI) people and safety system.

Through the installation, Albis, in collaboration with security system provider Nsecure, will set up an active RFID-based system to prevent incidents and handle emergency solutions for a safer working environment.

The system is configured with ruggedized tags and controllers to monitor operations for a secure evacuation. Real-time people tracking in real-time offers the training institute high flexibility risk avoidance in rescue situations and improved education and safety.

The ZOMOFI S3135-H550 Z-Tag and the S3135-K633 Z-Tag Motion Plus are designed to be carried by personnel or to be attached directly onto the surface of vehicles, containers, and metal assets. Multifunction features allow the level of shock, man-down or free-fall situations to be detected.