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Colorado Judge: Fifth Amendment No Protection for Encrypted Files

A US federal judge has ruled that a defendant in a criminal case must decrypt her laptop—one of several computers seized in an FBI raid—so that prosecutors can search it for evidence. Ramona Fricosu—facing multiple charges in an alleged mortgage scam —claimed she is protected from having to provide a decryption password under the US Constitution’s Fifth Amendment, which states that no one may be “compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” Judge Robert Blackburn contends forcing a defendant to decrypt a laptop so that its contents can be inspected is no different from asking a defendant to produce any other kind of document. The prosecutors are reportedly not demanding the password, only the decrypted data on the drive. If Fricosu fails to decrypt the drive before 21 February, she could face contempt-of-court or other charges. According to CNET contributor Declan McCullough, the US Supreme Court has yet to take up the issue. Civil-liberties groups are concerned about the precedent the recent ruling may set. (Ars Technica)(CNET)(Information Week)(Denver Post)