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VeriFone launches mobile wallet acceptance platform

VeriFone Systems unveiled its new PAYMEDIA Universal Acceptance Platform, a suite of services and software that enables mobile network operators to manage mobile wallet acceptance at the point of sale.

Designed to close the loop between mobile wallet providers and merchants, PAYMEDIA gives mobile network operators and wallet providers the ability to download wallet acceptance applications directly to merchants' point of sale systems. According to VeriFone, this ensures that the merchant can accept mobile wallet transactions of all types "“ e.g. NFC payments, promotions and coupon applications "“ while giving mobile wallet providers the opportunity to expand the variety of their services.

The platform, which includes the PAYMEDIA Network Services, Estate Management software, and the VeriFone NFC App Manager, also provides open API common interface standards to ensure that value-added wallet data will flow seamlessly through merchant systems without disruption.

According to VeriFone, wallet providers using PAYMEDIA maintain full management capabilities over their applications, with the ability to update them at any time with new features and services.