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Enterprise resource planning investments put on hold

Companies complain of inefficiencies and rising costs

Investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are falling, thanksin part to the fragile UK economy, but also to inefficiencies with the systemsthemselves, according to a new survey from theNationalComputing Centre.

Almost a quarter of all ERP and enterprise software projects had been put onhold during the recession, and 41 per cent are being postponed, the surveyfound.


Just under a third of respondents expect to carry on with currentinvestments, and only six per cent plan to increase them.

In many cases, organisations found the cost of ERP systems prohibitive. Some18 per cent of companies believe that costs had \'greatly\' exceeded expectations,and over 50 per cent that costs had \'exceeded\' expectations.

Time was also an issue, and a quarter of respondents said that timelines hadbeen \'greatly exceeded\', while just over 50 per cent admitted that they had been\'exceeded\'.

Unsurprisingly, these delays have had an effect on the cost-benefits of ERPsolutions, and just a quarter of respondents said that implementations had metexpected timeframes.

\"In these challenging times it is more imperative than ever that ERP vendorsdemonstrate an effective return on investment for their software, and thisincludes making their systems easier to implement and manage,\" said Steve Fox,managing director of the National Computing Centre\'sEvaluationCentre.

Around 47 per cent of respondents said that their ERP or enterprise solutionswere meeting their requirements, while 58 per cent said that they wereconsidering using their ERP system on a software-as-a-service basis.

Over 100 companies with turnover of between £5m and £1bn were questioned forthe survey.