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viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

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PDA RFID reader with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPRS capabilities

DAILY RFID revealed its new series of lightweight PDA RFID readers which appear in both low- and high-frequency versions. The DL710 and DL720 are designed to accommodate information management, information collection and wireless data transfer.

The two options available, an LCD touch screen interface or a standard keyboard, both feature WiFi, Bluetooth and GPRS capabilities. The two handheld devices use standard USB and RS232 communication ports which allow users to plug in any USB enabled keyboard, mouse, flash drive, magnetic reader, etc. - allowing them to be implemented into various applications. The integrated 128 MB SDRAM and 64 MB Flash ROM are useful in preserving data in the event of a random reset of the device or a complete loss of power.

The DL710 and DL720's are lightweight and are aimed for industrial and outdoor RFID applications, such as inventory management, logistics, garment processing, luggage handling, parcel-postal delivery and cashless payments.