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martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

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Atlantic Zeiser to present new card printing tech

Atlantic Zeiser, a German payment card personalization provider, announced that it will present its new drop on demand printing technology at the PrePaid Expo in Las Vegas later this month.

According to Atlantic Zeiser, its new two-sided drop on demand CARDLINE VERSA solution enables increased prepaid card volumes and lower card costs, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming embossing or thermal applications.

Also to be presented is Atlantic Zeiser’s new High Quality White Ink Printing, which allows for cards to be printed using dark backgrounds, as well as CHIPLINE for contactless card and sticker personalization and PERSOLINE for EMV card personalization.

The core element of all these Atlantic Zeiser systems is the in-house designed OMEGA DoD Inkjet Printing technology with print resolutions of up to 720dpi and speeds of up to 30,000 cards per hour.

Atlantic Zeiser will be located in booth #139 at the Prepaid Expo in Las Vegas, February 22-24, 2010.