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Wavetrend cut a deal with Australian freight transport

Wavetrend has been granted a contract to provide its active RFID, GPS, and AssetTrace software solution to control shipping containers and other high-value assets at Australia's Townley Group International.

With this being the Townley Group’s first engagement with Wavetrend, the two will incorporate both tracking and monitoring solutions developed by Wavetrend "“ GlobalEyes and AssetTrace. The two solutions provide multiple communications and tracking technologies with active RFID transponders to ensure precise and real-time asset management.

The logistics freight company required a real-time tracking solution for the movement of parts and components from an entire Australian Gold processing plant, which was to be transported by a number of shipping vessels from its original location in Cobar, Australia to its new location in San Juan, Argentina.

With the combination of increased performance and mobile handheld field technology, to compliment the asset monitoring software made by Wavetrend, the Townley Group felt it was the best solution to meet their needs - to deliver increased asset visibility, while performing at high-levels under harsh condition.