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IT: Creation of new software to calculate electricity consumption in households

The Municipality of Bologna and ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, have recently developed a software able to calculate electricity consumption in households. 

The new software, named KiloWà ttene, - in Italian: \"kilowatt vattene!\"  i.e. \"kilowatt go away! \"-  is the evolution of a calculation sheet released in 2005 by the municipality of Bologna in the context of \"TREAM\" , a European project belonging to the  SAVE programme  investigating the electricity consumptions in household environments.

KiloWà ttene calculates the electricity consumption by elaborating data on the devices used in the house and disposes of several other features: it highlights the major sources of electricity consumption and those through which  it is possible to save energy; it suggests ways to reduce CO2 production and it is able to draft a costs estimation in euro and to compare it with the actual electricity bill.

The software has been developed in the context of a national policy aiming at increasing citizens\' awareness on electricity consumption and at reducing CO2 emissions; in the near future, KiloWà ttene will be available for download free of charge on the ENEA and the Municipality of Bologna websites.