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Julien Happich

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lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

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Premo and Ihman partner to integrate radio modules in active RFID

PARIS — Ihman and Predan, part of the Premo Group, will join their efforts in a commercial and marketing project to provide a radio communication module for integration in active RFID and telemetry applications.

The modules will target reliable radio links in the range of 1km (sight of view) in the 868MHz and 915MHz bands.

The cooperation between the two Spanish companies will combine their know-how and experience in the use of radio module (fully integrated hardware and firmware) for applications such as automatic meter reading networks (AMR) for water, electricity and gas, as well as for general purpose ad-hoc sensor networks.

The modules would be well suited for solar panels monitoring networks, real time location system, crane remote control, healthcare and wellness networks, or weather stations.

Both companies consider research and development as strategic within their particular business plans, investing over 8 percent (for Predan) and over 90 percent (for Ihman) of their yearly sales.

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