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Steve Evans

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lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

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Colt picks up Tibco for cloud services

Real-time deployment and management for high performance apps

Business communications and managed services vendor Colt has selected Tibco's cloud software to enable its clients to deploy and manage enterprise applications across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures in real-time. The firms say that the move will reduce cost and complexity for end users.

Software firm Tibco entered the cloud and grid computing space through the acquisition of DataSynapse in 2009. Using that technology it will be providing Colt with enhanced Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. The firm says the software will be targeted at companies running applications in high performance computing environments.

Those customers running high performance applications will benefit from a dedicated, flexible infrastructure provided by the Managed Grid Service. In-life Managed Applications is aimed at customers looking to run transactional as well as high performance computing applications. Both of these offerings are part of the PaaS.

Grid Extension, part of the IaaS, uses a Colt private network connection to expand existing infrastructures by allowing a large number of resources to be attached, the company said.

Tibco claims that for companies operating in high performance computing environments, the move offers greater agility and capacity management as well as future scalability.

Jamie Bernardin, vice president, DataSynapse Product Group, Tibco, said: "We believe these capabilities will provide Colt with a differentiated, first-mover advantage in the emerging cloud services industry. When launched, Colt will have the first platform as a service offering in the European enterprise IT market with these capabilities."

Maggy McClelland, managing director of Colt Managed Services, said: "Our new offerings provide customers with the assurance and security needed for enterprise-class grid services, combined with the benefits of cloud computing. This capability will enable CIOs to deploy cloud services, whether private, hybrid or public, on a strategic rather than tactical basis."

Colt will be rolling out the new services during 2010, with introductory services available to beta customers ahead of a more general release during Q2.

Tibco's rivals include IBM, Oracle and SAP, while Colt competes against the likes of BT, Cable & Wireless and Deutsche Telecom.