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Oracle to acquire SOA management vendor AmberPoint

To strengthen Fusion Middleware SOA capabilities

Oracle has agreed toacquire service-oriented architecture (SOA) management vendorAmberPoint, which extends its Fusion Middleware SOA capabilitiesincluding Oracle SOA suite, SOA governance and enterprise manager.

AmberPoint’sofferings help organisations diagnose and resolve issues in applicationperformance and business transactions such as insurance claimsprocessing or account provisioning where multiple applications need towork together.

Oracle claims that it will providecustomers with Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA offering that helps enhanceperformance and reduce IT costs through SOA management and businesstransaction management offerings.

Thomas Kurian, executivevice president of product development at Oracle, said: “AmberPoint andOracle share a vision of providing customers with comprehensive SOAmanagement capabilities that support modern IT environments and arealso complete, open, and integrated.

“We expect theaddition of AmberPoint’s products to Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suitewill provide stronger end-to-end governance that allows customers tomanage the entire lifecycle of SOA-based solutions, providingvisibility and management across heterogeneous environments.”

Financial details of the transaction, which is expected to close in the first half of this year, were not disclosed.