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ISO release new RFID standard for supply chain applications

The International Organization for Standardization has declared a new standardization in supply chain applications that will help manufacturers and distributors to better track products and to securely manage traceability with RFID tags.

The new ISO 17367:2009 standard defines the basic features of RFID use in the supply chain, when applied to product tagging.

In particular the ISO 17367:2009 makes specific recommendations about:

  • encoded identification of the product
  • additional information about the product on the RF tag
  • semantics and data syntax to be used
  • data protocol to be used to interface with business applications and the RFID system
  • air interface standards between the reader and tag

ISO 17367:2009 is applicable to numerous industries and it has been structured in order to ensure compatibility at the physical, command and data levels with the four other International Standards under the general title: "˜Supply chain applications of RFID'.