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High-power RF transistor

RFMD has released the first product in a new family of discrete unmatched power transistors for RF applications.

The RF3931 is a 48 V, 30 W high-power discrete transistor that operates in the DC to 3 GHz frequency range and is designed for commercial wireless infrastructure, defence/military, industrial/scientific/medical, test instrumentation and general purpose broadband amplifier applications.

The RF3931 is an unmatched GaN transistor packaged in a hermetic, flanged ceramic package which provides excellent thermal stability through the use of advanced heatsink and power dissipation technologies. Ease of integration is accomplished through the incorporation of simple, optimised matching networks external to the package that provide wideband gain and power performance in a single amplifier. This is the first product released from a family of four unmatched power transistors ranging in power levels from 30 to 120 W.

For more information contact Andrew Hutton, RF Design, +27 (0)21 555 8400, sales@rfdesign.co.za, www.rfdesign.co.za