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Lingotek Provides Translation of Biometric Security Software to DigitalPersona

Translates Fingerprint Identity Protection Software for Notebooks into 24 Languages

DRAPER, Utah - Lingotek, the leader in collaborative translation technology, today announced that DigitalPersona, Inc., a global provider of biometric security software for consumers and enterprises, has chosen Lingotek software and services to provide the translation of its consumer fingerprint identity protection software and documentation. DigitalPersona has used Lingotek’s Web-based Collaborative Translation Platform™ and services to translate the user interface and documentation of the latest version of its DigitalPersona® Personal software into 24 languages.

While we’ve successfully localized previous versions of our advanced fingerprint biometrics software and collateral for markets around the world, it’s often been a time consuming and costly process to manage,” said Vance Bjorn, chief technology officer and co-founder, DigitalPersona. “With Lingotek, we get highly advanced translation technology coupled with the LingoPoint management console, which allows DigitalPersona to better track and manage the progress of our translation efforts as we launch products simultaneously into our worldwide markets.”

Lingotek is transforming the way organizations reach international audiences by harnessing the power of communities through crowdsourcing to produce localized content faster and more cost effectively. Via any web browser, communities of translators can use Lingotek’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) collaborative translation platform to translate text of any kind with the help of private and public translation memories, rank the translation for accuracy and provide final edits, while content owner’s can upload new projects, assign translators and track project progress in real time.

“With its international presence and high-level partnerships with industry leading PC manufacturers, DigitalPersona truly is a perfect example of how companies can utilize collaborative translation technology to help break down language barriers and make global communications and commerce more open and accessible,” said Robert Vandenberg, CEO.

About Lingotek

Lingotek is transforming the way companies translate and localize information, making the process faster, less expensive and more accurate. Its exclusive web-based Collaborative Translation Platform™ represents the next step in the revolution of translation through technology and community involvement. Today, global organizations, intelligence agencies and government entities use the platform, saving days, weeks and months on projects ranging from a few pages to several volumes. Lingotek also offers professional translation services for companies. The company is based in Draper, Utah. For more information, visit

Agency Contact:
Bill Jeppesen
Loughlin/Michaels Group
Company Contact:
Robert Vandenberg