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Francislav P. Penov, Kavita Kamani, Samuel D. Patton, III, Randy Alan Chapman

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Tuesday, 3 de May de 2005

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Wednesday, 12 de November de 2008

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Wednesday, 30 de April de 2008



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Test execution framework for automated software testing

Methods, systems, and computer program products for testing software components without explicitly having to specify each test or test environment. A computer system for automated testing loads and parses and test file. The test file contains code sections that identify software components to test, locations sections that identify locations to run the software components, an expandable variation section that associates the software components with locations, and an expansion section that defines rules for expanding the expandable variation section. From the expandable variation section, the computer system creates expanded variation sections that associate particular software components with particular locations. Then, for each particular software component and locations, the computer system executes setup instructions to prepare for running the particular software component, executes the particular software component, and executes cleanup instructions. The test file may conform to one or more eXtensible Markup Language (XML) schemas.